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Private Dentistry

It's not what you think....
Safest Minimally Invasive Treatment


At Deepcut Village Dental Practice we maintain a safe, covid secure, clinical environment and aim for all treatment to be as least invasive as possible. 



With a wealth of knowledge across the team we strive to be specialists in our field. From the unique German Double Crown Technique to the White Composite filling, we ensure that we are the best at what we do.



We are offering competitive Practice Plans to manage the costs of regular treatments.

Practice Lead & Senior Dentist
Dr. Claudio Eddeler


I'm Dr Claudio Eddeler, the Principal of Deepcut Village Dental Practice. We are a local, friendly private dental practice that focuses on patient care. We put you, the patient, first in our strive for excellence. 

Please come down to see us.

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